Meet with the first moon.
Renew yourself as you meet Abib.

This word means ‘the first month’ and aims to make and complete the most perfect and pure cosmetics from starting point of beauty cycle process.
The purpose of our researcher is to help your skin naturally beautiful and flawless.

Although the skin has its healing process from creating cells, growth and death repeatedly, the skin of modern people have lost its self-perpetuating ability due to several reasons.
Abib Laboratory has focused on extracting full performance to achieve the goals as below,under the slogan ‘The only way to the perfection is endless experiments.’
1. Increase the self-generating power of skin
2. Prevent skin from toxic ingredients and remove
3. Slow the aging process
4. Induce removal of dead skin cells and increase the defensive power against external stimulus.


Abib’s packaging always put priority to the product’s stability.
1. Choose the material of container after conducting numerous experiments on chemical reaction to the formula.
2. Carry out various test to determine the shape of container that ideally protects formula from external stimuli such as air and foreign substance.


“The perfection will be completed when there’s nothing to take out without the necessity of adding something.”
Abib Design Lab respect the spirit of minimalists who propose unique characteristics of objects by excluding subjectivity.
As shown below, the Abib Design Lab has carried out research on the intrinsic, sustainable design in the frame of restrained expression.
1. Commit to the most tranquil purity which is embedded in the product, without external elements such as human’s emotion and artist’s ideology.
2. Eliminate unnecessary elements and use minimum colors.
3. Make products with simple layout and design.
4. Pursue and reach forward basic principle such as simplicity, repeatability, purity and closure by using space and also, essential design for materials themselves.


1. Pursue the natural beauty of skin.
2. Use raw materials with certified reliability
3. Develop products with the best expert.
4. Only provide the products with best quality and efficacy.