The elegance of a flower is born from a single seed which embodies the pure will to bring birth to a new beauty. Abib, which derives from the word 'grain', signifies our philosophy and our dedication to perfection and purity to our products. We believe that returning to a natural state is the endgame in the pursuit of beauty. Accordingly, our research efforts have focused on developing products to help our skin, ravaged by pollution and other stimuli, nurture its power to recover back to its original, immaculate state. When life begins in Spring, we will sprout purity.


Scientific research into beauty
Skin cells go through the cell cycle to recover from internal and external injury. However, the dermis of modern individuals are losing this ability ro recover due to various factors. Abib R&D works under the slogan "Neverending research is the only way to perfection" and is focusing all of its efforts into identifying and removing harmful materials from the skin, preventing skin aging through antioxidation, and promotion of differentiation into keratinocytes to protect the skin from external stimuli- ultimately improving the skin's ability to recover.


"Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away"
In pursuit of minimalism, Abib's design is not subjective. Rather it tries to show the innate characteristic of the object by removing unnecessary items and colors, and adopting a simple layout. We have tried to focus on the unique quality of the product rather than exhibiting external artistic factors. We stand by basic principles of simplicity, repetition, purity, and closure and seek to deliver essential design for the product at hand. Abib shall continue to design enduring products within the framework of minimalism.